Gas Works

Gas Works

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Gas work...

Gas worksThe last three decades gas fired appliances have changed considerably MODERN GAS FIRES/HIGH EFFICIENCY BOILERS/GAS COOKERS appliances have improved along side gas installation practices, that is why a QUALITY SERVICE linked to a thorough understanding provides the best installation practices including a QUALITY breakdown/servicing opportunity we can provide to you.

Gas boilers do fail - we provide a service carrying out repairs usually within the first hour we can pin point also repair faults although it must be remembered some faults are more detailed taking longer to put right, here are some of the services we provide these are not exhaustive!

  • Gas Boiler Breakdown/Servicing/Repairs
  • Gas Boiler Installation
  • Upgrades to Central Heating Installations
  • Gas Supply Pipework Installed
  • Gas Hob/Cooker Installation
  • Power Flush Central Heating Systems
  • Central Heating Pumps/Motorised Valves
  • Leaking Radiator Valves Repaired/Replaced